Team 6627A

Team Members:

Ryan Botzbach - Head Builder

Jay Yoon - Assistant Builder

Jacob  Ing - Notebook Manager/CAD

Miguel Craven - Captain/programmer

Luke Botzbach - CAD

Daniel Botzbach - Media/Online Challenges

Forest Grinde - General Assistant


- Art Division Champions 2018

- World Finalist 2018

- Bakersfield State Finalist 2018

- Arts Division Champions 2019 

- Los Angeles state finalists/skills champion 2019 

- Tournament Champion [February 1, 2020]


Our team of 7 hails from Foothill High School, California. We are made up of 3 Freshman, 1 sophomore, and 3 juniors, with new and returning veterans of Vex competitions. The variety of our members allows our team to be so flexible. Members also perform in tennis, basketball, and cross country, but make it clear that robotics is our #1 priority. Our constant rebuilds help our robot become the best it can, and the 7 lives dedicated to improving this robot will do their best to make it to the top.


Jay Yoon ~ "Robotics is like communism"

Jacob Eng ~ "My quote"

Miguel Craven ~ "I miss Jake Johnson."

Ryan Botzbach ~ "I'd kill for a Nobel Peace prize."

Daniel Botzbach  ~ "Pancakes"

Luke Botzabch ~"WAFFLESSSSS" 

Forest Grinde ~ "I don't have one"