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Team Member Guidelines

The Foothill High School VEX Competition Teams will use the following rules for team selection and organization:


  • Team application and selection process will be conducted during the month of May and June.

  • Teams will be organized into seven groups (6627 A, B, C, D, X, Y, S) based on preference, experience, and abilities.  We will have two Freshman Teams, one Beginner Team, and four Advanced Teams.

  • There will be five or six members per team.

  • Team members may change teams up until the end of September.  There will be two reasons for changing teams:

    1. To improve team dynamics/collaboration.

    2. To strengthen all teams involved in the change.

  • Each team will be responsible for designing, building, programming, testing and competing with their own robot.  Robots will not be shared or switched between the teams at any time during the season.


The Foothill High School VEX Competition Teams will use the following rules to remove a student from a team:

  • Improper student conduct (see the FHS Robotics Honor Code and the Foothill School Rules).

  • Excessive missed practices (three allowed, then removed after five missed practices).  Practices can be made up at special practices on various days throughout the season, usually Saturdays.

  • Missing more than one tournament.

  • Low grades (any grade below a C during at a quarter or semester reporting period).


The goal of the above norms is to make being on the Foothill Robotics Team an enjoyable experience that challenges the students to innovate, create and communicate in a real-world learning environment and in an organized and efficient manner.

Team organization decisions are made by the team coach with input from each team member.


All disciplinary decisions are made by the team coach and the FHS administration when needed.

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