Team Member Roles:

Tim Jang: Captain, Designer, Builder

Zach Nelson: Builder, Social Media/Online Challenges

Cameron West: Programmer

Giannella (Gina) Bonilla: Online Challenges/Socia Media, Builder

Matthew Petersen: General Assistant, Assistant Builder

Harold Chen: General Assistant, Assistant Builder, CAD Designer

Norah Wang: Documentarian


- Tournament Champions [Oct. 5 2019]



Tim Jang ~ "I'm tired."

Zach Nelson ~ "Timmy rocks"

Cameron West ~ "Bones"

Giannella (Gina) Bonilla ~ ""

Matthew Peterson ~ ""

Harold Chen ~ "Insanity has no limit, sadly."

Norah Wang ~ "If I told you I knew what I'm doing, that's a lie. I'm running solely off of chocolate and instinct."

Team 6627X