Team Member Roles:

Sydney H. - Captain/Builder

Zain K. - Builder

Zack A. - Builder

Alexis C. - Notebooker

Charlie M. - Programmer

Arianna R. - Notebooker


Witty Siddy

Zesty Zain

Adolescence Alexis

Zacky Boi

Cool-Beans Charlie

Astronaut Arianna



Hello! We are the Xanthic Xerus Xylophones, also known as Team 6627X! We are the first and only all freshmen team in the history of Foothill High School. As the next generation of innovative inventors, we plan to bring some fresh ideas to the table.


Sydney H. - "Fashion over functionality."

Zain K. - "An eye for a foot makes the whole world blind."

Zack A. - "Winning first, fun second, safety third." 

Alexis C. - "Cereal is NOT a soup. Read the dictionary."

Charlie M. - "Can I test the auton on the table?"

Arianna R. - "Chicken nuggets are best with cheese sauce."

Team 6627X