Team Members:

Justine Jucaban - Co-Captain / Notebooker / Media

Yohan Kumar - Builder / CAD

Anthony Miyashiro - Co-Captain/Builder / Programmer / Designer

Andrew Talavera - General Help

Dylan Richcreek - Builder / Designer


- Amaze Award [December 14, 2019]

- Tournament Champions [February 1, 2020]

- Robot Skills Champion [February 1, 2020]

- Excellence Award [February 1, 2020]


Team 6627C is a team from Foothill High School, consisting of four juniors and one sophomore. All of the members lead different lives in different ways, but they all come together to work towards the goal of building a robot that will succeed in the VEX VRC 2021-2022 game, Tipping Point. 


Justine Jucaban - "I don't think I have any sanity left." 

Yohan Kumar - "Watermelon is a fruit."

Anthony Miyashiro - "We do what we gotta do." 

Andrew Talavera - "Peanut butter is a fruit." 

Dylan Richcreek - 

Team 6627C