Team Members:

Tyler Lee: Captain, Builder, Designer

Myla Cibrian-Wilcox: Programmer

Mason Barns: CAD Designer

Connor Ho: CAD Designer

Anthony Miyashiro: Website, Assistant Programmer

Ciara Sweetman: General Assistant, Builder

Justine Jucaban: Documentarian, Online Challenges/Social Media


- Amaze Award [December 14, 2019]

- Tournament Champions [February 1, 2020]

- Robot Skills Champion [February 1, 2020]

- Excellence Award [February 1, 2020]


Team 6627C is a team from Foothill High School, consisting of one senior, one junior, one sophomore, and four freshmen.  This team has a double reverse six-bar lift with an h chassis. This team has a claw instead of a standard tray lift. This can carry 6 blocks and can score on all towers with a max stack of 14.


Tyler Lee ~ "We're doing things differently."
Myla Cibrian-Wilcox ~ "*silence*"

Mason Barns ~ "*silence*"

Connor Ho ~ "I don't like people, but people are fine."

Anthony Miyashiro ~ "Okay ... just why and how and what now?"

Ciara Sweetman ~ "Hon, I don't care."

Justine Jucaban ~ "Totoro."

Team 6627C